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St. Abrahams Lutheran Church

“If anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation. Everything old has passed away. Behold! Everything has become new.”(2 Corinthians 5:17)


The Greek word which is translated as “behold” is “idou.” It is also translated as: Look! Behold! See!

I love this quote from the second letter to the Corinthians because it’s a great reminder that when new things are happening it helps to “idou” at what God is doing in the midst of the newness. As we start this new adventure together, St Peter’s, St Abraham, and me as your interim pastor, we will surely have little bumps along the way. We will have exciting times, fun times, and confusing times as we get to know each other. And throughout, we can trust that God is indeed in the midst.


Where do you see God in the world? Where do you see the Creator still creating? Where do you feel Christ’s welcoming hand? When do you hear the Spirit’s voice?


God is absolutely at work in the world, and in our congregations. It can be hard to see at times, but I encourage you to keep an eye out for where you can see God in your daily lives, at church but also outside the buildings of St Peter’s and St Abraham.  


We do not walk the road of being congregations in Christ’s Church alone. The risen Christ walks with us. More, we walk with each other, with other congregations in the area and in the synod, and even across the ELCA. (Yes, there are congregations and people across the ELCA who are praying for you!)

Look! Behold! See! Idou!

I look forward to our journey together as we continue to keep our eyes open for god’s work in the world and our ears tuned to the Spirit’s call for us.

Pastor Amanda